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Tuesday, September 1, 2015, Bhadra 17, 1422 BS, Zilqad 16, 1436 Hijr

Same-sex Marriage
A stigma on civilisation
Farook Ahmed
Published :Tuesday, 1 September, 2015,  Time : 12:00 AM  View Count : 92
Same-sex marriage is now valid in more than two dozen countries including America. Most of the European countries have approved and legalised gay marriage. Recently the US Supreme Court has validated gay marriage in all the states of America on the premise that same-sex marriage is a people's fundamental right. The American Judges take their oath of impartiality and fairness by placing their hands on the holy book, Bible. The paradox is that gay marriage is unbiblical. Evidently the US Supreme Court has ruled against Bible and nature. No Muslim country has, till now, legalised same-sex marriage. It is unthinkable for a Muslim country to sanction such marriage because the Quran explicitly condemns and disapproves it. It is undeniable that gay marriage is immoral and anti-nature.
The percentage of homosexuals in those societies is less than five per cent, notwithstanding that the legalised immorality is forced upon 95 per cent people. In most of the countries same-sex marriage has not been legalised by popular vote but by court decree. Nowhere gay marriage has popular mandate. Those saner people who oppose gay marriage are branded as bigots, hate-monger and preacher of hatred. We oppose gay marriage as it is unnatural, immoral and irreligious. The Bible, the Quran and the Torah equally and vociferously prohibit and condemn such marriage. We do not find homosexuality even among the lower animals.
Now let us see what the Bible says about homosexuality. "Homosexual offenders are equated with the adulterers, prostitutes and thieves. God has made male and female to be united as one and what God has joined together, man should not separate it" (Matt-19:4-6). Again the Bible emphatically says that sexually immoral, idolaters, homosexual will never enter into the kingdom of God (Cor 6:9-10). The Jewish holy book the Torah asseverates that homosexuality is a vicious sin. The Bible and the Torah do not approve of decriminalisation of homosexual acts. The Bible also enjoins upon the Christians not to lie with a man as one lies with a woman because that is detestable (Lev 18:22). Islam strictly forbids homosexuality in its all shapes and forms. The Quran declares---"Indeed you approach men with desire, instead of woman, rather you are a transgressing people (Al-Araf 80-81). Again in the similar vein the Quran says-"Do you indeed approach men with desire, instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly (Al Naml 27:55).
The Muslims, the Christians and the Jews are called the people of the book. These three nations have descended from the same ancestry. The three holy books of these three dominant nations condemn and disapprove gay marriage in no uncertain terms. Since gay marriage is not religiously sanctioned, no Church can perform gay marriage. A Christian marriage that is not solemnised and sanctioned by Church is not valid. Till now we know of no gay marriage which has been performed by catholic or protestant Church. Priest Valentine lost his life for performing a valid marriage. Now we are afraid many priests might be jailed or be given harsher punishment for not agreeing to perform unbiblical gay marriage.
Gay marriage is a social blight. It spreads life-threatening diseases like HIV Aids, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Hepatitis-B. Research has shown that homosexuals die earlier than heterosexuals. The bane of gay marriage is loud and clear. Gay marriage means redefinition of sexual morality which the Christian Churches vehemently oppose to accept because Church sees marriage as sacrament. Major religions postulate that 'Penetration' constitutes sexual intercourse. When two men sexually unite, penetration occurs. But in the matter of lesbianism the case is different. When two women attempts to join sexually, penetration does not happen. Perhaps for this reason there is no clear mention of lesbianism in the Quran, the Bible or the Torah.
However, this does not mean that lesbianism is permitted as there is no mention of it in the religious scriptures. The Bible, the Quran and the Torah emphatically direct the adherents to stay away from any detestable acts. Certainly lesbianism is most abominable act. Hence it is as illegal as homosexuality. Homosexuals and lesbians pollute and corrupt a society morally and spiritually.
The view that gay marriage is a fundamental right is totally a misplaced notion. Any claim against nature, decency and morality cannot be considered as a fundamental right. Rather it is fundamentally wrong and vicious. Psychologists say Homosexuals and lesbians are mentally and sexually perverts. Sex between man and woman is a divine blessing. We need to maintain its celestial sanctity. The inexpressible pleasure and delight that emanates from sexual union of man and woman is not comparable to any mundane joy and ecstasy.
In the days of yore when numbers of women were far less than that of men owing to high mortality rate of baby girl and female infanticide, and human beings were almost on par with animals, men turned to men for carnal satisfaction. With the gradual dawn of civilisation, human beings progressively became de-animalised, refined and conscientiously prudent and they redefined their code of sexual behaviour---that man shall seek comfort only in woman.
The formidable disease AIDS is said to have originated in Africa from the vice of unnatural anal intercourse of people. About 30 per cent people of the African continent are infected with AIDS virus. These infected people are slowly but surely awaiting their premature deaths. The courts that have given legitimacy to gay marriage has, in fact, no authority to rule against natural laws, standard morality, peoples' belief systems, religious injunctions and above all time-honoured social customs, ethics and decency. Presumably the courts were succumbed to extraneous pressure.
Gay marriage is out and out indecent, repugnant to popular taste, antithetical to virtue and rectitude, contrary to marital fidelity and opposed to the general ethos of the majority people. So gay marriage should be seen as a social vice, a wrecker of morality and spirituality, animalisation of human beings, corrupter of man and woman's sacred nuptial relationship, and finally a blight on civilisation.
Farook Ahmed, ex-DIG of police, now teaches at Atish Dipanker University of Science and Technology

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