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Be you, teens!
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Looking for ways to boost your confidence and look cool around your peers, without looking like a trendy bubblehead? Here are several steps to becoming a down-to-earth kind of popular.
Learn how to relax
While you don't want to be lethargic every day, being cool is not about being hyper. Remember though, this doesn't mean you can't talk or chat. In fact, it's helpful to involve yourself in many conversations. Find a few relaxing things to do, for example taking a warm bath or listening to music
Be confident
Have your own interests and opinions, and don't be afraid to voice them. Be passionate about what you believe!
Try to be happy
Being happy is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most applicable here, though, is that being happy lets other people know that you'd make a good friend. Beyond that, it'll make you feel better, too! Although, everyone has tough times so don't worry if you are occasionally upset.
Smile and be sociable
You'll never get anywhere as someone who always has their arms crossed and is frowning. Open up and smile at people! If you're in a room where you don't know anyone, introduce yourself. Cool people are the ones who talk a lot.
Enter talent contests and competitions, but don't get excessively competitive or be a bad sport. Sports especially are very cool. If you play a sport, or are interested in playing a sport, try out for your team at school. Sports are a great way to make new friends, exercise, and get noticed. If you aren't really the athletic type, though, find a club you like. If you like to paint, join the art club. If you're into acting, try out for a play. If you like to sing, join the choir, and so on.
Talk to everyone casually at break
Don't spend the whole time talking to just one person. Have fun and run around to different people to make conversation. Make the conversation light and friendly, but not too intense. Some possible topics are movies, school assignments, current events, books - anything that you think the other will like to talk about. Keep your excitement controlled, though. Also, be sure that you have variety in who you talk to. You don't want to accidentally start stalking people!
Have a nice room
Don't let it get too messy. You don't have to keep it sparkling clean, though. For example, some posters, a desk, wall paint/paper that reflects your style, etc.
Get friends
Do you have many of them? Having friends shows that you are kind and capable of creating and holding bonds with other people. Try to have an overlap of friends from different schools or camps.
Go outside and meet real people
Don't use your computer too much! Myspace and Facebook are social networking websites, but it's much better if you can actually talk face to face with somebody instead of messaging/emailing them. Instead of stalking your crush online, spend time with your real friends/crush outside of your computer screen.
If you go online:
You can chat online (safely) in a chat room with people who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. Create a facebook profile, but get your parent(s) approval first. Make sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Remember, proper grammar and typing shows that you are well-read and have class. Never give away personal details online.
Listen to music.
Everyone loves music, and you can too. Listen to music that you like. Don't worry about listening to a certain genre of music simply because everyone else is listening to it. The kind of music that you like shows your personality and uniqueness - it's okay to stand out!
If you want to find out which songs are "in" right now, go to either MTV or iTunes (if you have an account) and look for the top 10 list.
Get fit.
Going to the gym improves your body shape. That being said, if you are naturally big-boned or slender, don't worry too much. Get comfortable with your weight and outer appearance. It boosts your confidence. Get involved in a sport that you enjoy, all sports are healthy, so don't just go to the gym.
Have you ever disliked how that popular, prissy, fashion-freak girl in your class treats you?
Have you ever envied her? You may have envied her before, but if you were that girl, treating other people like that, people wouldn't like you. So don't envy her, and don't try to be like her. Just be yourself, because if you're an outgoing, kind, down-to-earth kind of girl, everyone is bound to like you!
Try to be nice to everyone.
This doesn't mean you have to be friends with everyone, just be nice and it will help your reputation!
Don't spread rumors!
If the chain of gossip that "So-and-so likes So-and-so" comes around to you, stop it right there. Don't tell anyone else, because then you'd just be continuing the chain, even if you know it's true. It would just be plain mean if you helped other people spread a rumor that may be true but that person doesn't want anyone to know, or even worse, that's just a plain, flat-out lie.
Understand that when people trust you enough to tell you their secrets, you are expected to keep them.
If you tell one of your other close friends, tell her not to tell, and then she tells one of her other close friends, and then the chain goes on, pretty soon almost everyone will know, and your friend will not be happy about that. Keep all secrets between you and your friend, unless you feel that the person is in danger. In that case, tell a trusted adult, not other peers.
l Have good hygiene
Remember, you never want to go to school smelling bad, with greasy hair, dirt in your nails, or things stuck in your teeth. Shower daily. If you have a problem with dirt stuck in your nails, then paint them or work hard to clean them. Brush and floss your teeth to avoid stains. If you have acne, try using an acne face wash, such as Proactive, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, etc. Also remember deodorant! Secret and Degree are good brands to try.
l Wear clothes in fun colors.
l Understand the best types of shoes. Here are some popular/cool shoe brands.
l Make sure you have nicer dresses-these look good, but it looks better if you have a round figure.
l Tied hair with headbands are a trend.
Know how to wear your hair
Layered hair is in right now, but layers don't necessarily look great on everyone. Side bangs are a cute alternative. Highlights are hip, but only if done well. The ones that stand out always look fake and cheap. Different styles of hair look good on different people. Mix it up - don't wear your hair the same every day to school. Here are some ideas for hairstyles:
l Wearing it down and straight. That is very stylish. If your hair is wavy or curly, you can achieve this look by straightening your hair in the morning. Just be aware that straightening your hair too often can damage its natural beauty overtime.
l Wearing it down and curly. If your hair is really straight, you can achieve this look by curling your hair in the morning.
l Wearing a high ponytail. Ribbons and bows look great in a ponytail. Try a bow or some ribbon that contrasts your outfit.
l Wearing it in a side, low ponytail. These look great if they're a little messy.
l Wearing it in a bun. Wearing your hair in a bun is a great option if you're having a bad hair day.
Another trick for a bad hair day is by putting a cute beanie on top of neatly brushed hair.
Wear perfume
This is optional, but perfume (when used in moderation) can be very cool. Juicy Couture has some cool, good-smelling perfume.
Wear makeup
Makeup is very cool if you use it the right way. A little bit of mascara, eyeshadow, and lip gloss is all you need. Great Lash is a great mascara brand. Try Bobbi Brown brand for eyeshadow, but really any eye shadow works. Try BabyLips by Maybelline for your lips - it has pretty colors, has SPF, and all the while it's moisturizes, too. If you need foundation, Cover Girl is a good brand. And of course, don't be afraid to get nice, pretty eyeshadows from Claire's, Barry M or Rimmel.
Be you!
If any of these aren't your style, then don't wear them. They're just ideas! Make sure that whatever you wear fits your style. Be you!

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