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IS crisis, World Peace, UN and US role
A S Matlub Ahmed
Publish Date : 2014-10-12,  Publish Time : 00:00,  View Count : 120
There are many reasons for the emergence of IS (Islamic state), earlier called as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). It is very difficult to determine which reason greatly encourages the creation of this so called Islamic murderous group. Perhaps injustice, repression, religious discrimination, aggression and Israeli barbarism and brutality against the Palestinian people are mostly responsible for the rise of IS. Perhaps America's one sided policy towards Israel causes the creation of IS.
Perhaps Syrian President Bashar al Asad and Iraqi president Maliki's repression, indiscriminate torture and killing of their own people helped IS to come into existence. It is alleged that Mr Asad committed war crimes against his people. Perhaps failure of the UNO to fulfil the demands of different separatist, extremist and freedom loving people fighting for their legitimate rights or independence in different parts of the world and paying no attention to their deprivation, disappointment and mental agony by the super powers specially by the US for decades helped to create IS.
Perhaps American excessive greed for oil exploitation and drone attack are some of the major causes for the creation of IS. Because drone attack is a great threat to sovereignty of a country and oil exploitation through aggression is equivalent to a sort of mugging and money laundering in the broad day light.
Perhaps Egypt's political turmoil and forceful ousting of democratically elected president Mursi by Egyptian military supported by the US is one of the major causes of IS creation. Mursi's ousting by a Genaral was a direct blow on the Arab Spring.
Perhaps Yemen's unrest, Libya, Syria and Iraq's civil war and the untold sufferings of millions of Arab people particularly killing of thousands of innocent Palestinian children before the eyes of world people by Israeli occupation army through the direct support of the US caused the influx of foreign fighters into the IS group.
Only in the Syrian civil war about three million Arabs became homeless and ultimately they were turned into helpless refugees. These displaced people are taking shelter in different countries around and even taking risk of sea voyage by boats for European countries. Many sexagenarian and octogenarian elderly people and pregnant women incapable of walking are even trying to flee their beloved homes. Perhaps, these people's grievances compelled their children, sons and grandsons to take arms and form this armed group of IS.
 I believe Arab people support neither the US nor the IS. They are the victims of tyranny. IS has destroyed the great image of Islam by beheading innocent American and British journalists. Islam never allows such acts. I condemn IS for such heinous crime and brutality as I condemn Israel, because Israel committed innumerable genocides and heinous crimes against humanity standing under the US umbrella. In the recent past they killed thousands of Palestinian men, women and children in the name of self defence and in the broad day light and US administration connived at all Israeli atrocities.
It seems that the US considers war is the only solution to terrorism. One cannot agree with such opinion because US failed to prove this in their past activities. The US military objectives were not achieved in Afghanistan and in Iraq. American aggression caused sad and unnatural death of millions of people in Afghanistan. US could not establish peace there; still the Afghans are divided and fighting against each other. Taliban is still dominant there.
On the other hand under a false excuse of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and with a view to freeing Iraqi people from the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein and presenting a democracy to Iraq, America invaded Iraq. Perhaps today's IS group is the aftermath of this US invasion.
One cannot support war at all. War cannot be the only solution to all problems. 'Evil begets evil', that is, terrorism cannot be stopped by state terrorism or by any forcible means which is demonstrated frequently by Israel.  A war must have a legal basis. It would have been necessary for the US to have a UN mandate before Iraq invasion. It would be better and even quite effective for Obama administration to have a mandate from the UNO against IS.
 No one is above the law. We all should abide by the law. I mean, we must abide by the principles of the world body- the UNO particularly in the world affairs. But unfortunately some countries always ignore and violate the UN Principles. In the recent past we saw that Israel violated all international norms and committed alleged war, crimes in Palestine. And in the same way it is alleged that Egyptian president General Sisi committed war crimes against his own people. It is very awful that ordinary people are always deprived of justice. Arab league, OIC and GCC always remain inactive and incapable of handling any Arab or Muslim problem. Actually, IS was an Arab problem. It was the duty of the so called Islamic organizations to confront this extremist group unitedly, but they remain torpid because they are subservient to the US and its western allies.
In any critical situation or catastrophic moment war should not be considered as first step, because the prices of war are really very high. A negotiation table should be kept always open even in case of any dangerous terrorist, extremist or separatist group's threat. In case of failure of all efforts and discussions, considering the pros and cons war can be thought of at the eleventh hour, but it must be the priority over everything to ensure the safety and security of the civilians in and around the war zone.
Today IS group has become a global threat. It should be dealt and confronted intelligently keeping in mind that the civilians in and around Iraq and Syria never be harmed seriously. IS crisis should not be prolonged. It should be finished within the shortest possible period. Otherwise panic may prevail across the world, especially in the Arab world. I doubt whether the indiscriminate air strike may disperse, scatter and spread the members of IS fighters throughout the world. Then it will be a debacle and catastrophe for the world community. Because of this IS crisis, if it continues for longer period, Arab countries will definitely be gradually weaker and crippled in the long run. And the vested quarter, particularly Israel will take its advantage and may have this opportunity of taking this war to the heart land and centre of the Middle East. Then it will be a disaster for the whole world.
We do not like to see anymore war and anymore exhibition of death. We would like to live in peace and harmony, war and aggression should be stopped forever. It should be erased from the human affairs. In my honest belief war is justified only when the freedom or survival is at stake. In the past history of mankind innumerable wars have been fought for the occupation of territory or for political or religious supremacy. We see the horrible picture of war in the Second World War. Nagasaki and Hiroshima of Japan were destroyed by atom bombs and thousands of people died in a few minutes.
War should be stopped forever from the surface of the earth and with a view to this the UNO should take some reasonable and effective bold steps to settle the disputes between countries or groups of people fighting and establish their independence or legitimate rights. The UNO has tried a lot to play this role for more than 68 years but it does not have enough power to enforce its decisions. The UNO should be reorganized and reconstructed to perform more dynamic role in order to save the humanity and safeguard the world peace. To reorganize and reconstruct the UNO the following steps may be taken:
1. To make the UNO a democratic institution.
2. 'Majority must be granted' this philosophy must be materialized in all the procedures, proceedings of UN agencies and decision making bodies of the UNO.
3. 'Veto power' should be abolished including both the permanent five-member Security Council and temporary 15-member Security Council.
4. All international issues should be discussed publicly and settled in the UN General Assembly by direct voting.
5. All the UN based important appointments must be made through open discussions and voting in the General Assembly.
6. The UNO must take necessary steps to free the world from nuclear arms and race.
7. It is very imperative for the interest of the peace loving people of the world to impose a limited but most effective ban on fatal arms manufacturing, selling and buying. Illegal arms business and arms trafficking must be stopped by law. With regard to this a separate UN Agency should be established to monitor and curve these unfair practices and to take legal measures with iron hands. Without arms control it is not possible to restore world peace.
8. A new Security Council should be established to oversee and to keep close eyes on any repression, injustice or aggression anywhere in the world and to be dealt with on the basis of social justice, equality and human rights by the general assembly mandate. The number of the member of this Security Council and their functions will be determined by the General Assembly.
9. The General Assembly will be the main organ of the UN body and it will prepare a panel for the Secretary General of the organization, examining the panel the Security Council will recommend a clean image diplomat who will be considered an honest and efficient and will be elected by the General Assembly as Secretary General of the UNO. 10. The Secretary General of the UNO will act as per the recommendation of the General Assembly but it must go through the Security Council.
In the perspective of the 19th century the formation of the UNO was definitely appropriate and praiseworthy for world peace. But after the collapse of Soviet Union and in the post cold war era the world has changed a lot. So the UNO needs a change. If we fail to take steps to change the present format of the UNO and its structure, the world may turn into a safe heaven and workshop of mischief makers and a great many extremist groups and trouble mongers may rise due to deprivation, repression and injustice like IS group. Therefore, to uproot terrorism and extremism and to establish peace and justice we must work sincerely and honestly to bring an effective and reasonable change in the world body, the UNO.

The writer is a linguist and runs Modern Language Academy in Sylhet

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