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Save banks from the grip of ghosts!

Published : Thursday, 7 December, 2017 at 12:00 AM Count : 634

We wonder what's wrong with banks in Bangladesh and what's happening in there? The simple layman's answer is 'ghosts have taken control within and outside the banks, the old and new ones'.
The scourge spread up to the central Bangladesh Bank, where over USD 100 million was lost in a heist from BB's New York Federal Express account. After more than a year or similar time lapsed now, the money has not been recovered yet, despite occasional flickers of hope emitting from abroad, the Bangladesh Bank and the Finance gurus.
Meanwhile, overseas banking intelligence has warmed of more such attempts to "rob" banks (the BB and others) in Bangladesh. They are somewhat right. Huge amount of people's money have been stolen, misappropriated, grafted, illegally loaned or just gobbled up by the bank managers and administrators from the BASIC Bank and the NRB Bank which was established by enthusiastic Bangladeshis working and living abroad.
Probably they did not know their motherland is now a land of thieves and cheats -- and any stupid or illegal things here are simply quashed or validated by description invented by our Finance Minister's term 'rubbish'. He has a 'big heart' when it comes to public's money and even says USD 400 million or more grafted from a state-owned bank by swindlers in the guise of businessmen is nothing -- let alone billions cheated away from the poor public and luck hunters from the country's stock markets.
Many in this country, especially our political and business leaders, boast of Bangladesh being a role model in the world. The BB Governor Atiur Rahman had to quit unceremoniously taking the blame of 'involvement' in the USD 100 million heist, but several other senior officials of the same bank suspected of or identified by investigators for also being in the play have been safe, protected by the gurus within and outside the BB and in the Finance Ministry.
More surprising is that while a series of bank scams, including in the BB, BASIC and NRB are still continuing, the government is planning to allow three new private banks to come into operation soon.
Needles to say they, like the BASIC, NRB and several other private ones are politically blessed banks having no guarantee they will survive or stay in business for long. They come to make money by stealing or squandering the people's money often through appeasing the respective authorities and giving them a slice of the money cake - then fold back willingly or under duress. They go mostly unpunished or minimally punished.
The questions is, who gave the authorities, especially the finance ministry, to approve doubtful financial institutions such as banks to be operated by cheats and criminals -- and managed by all crooks -- who gain weight by eating up people's hard earned money? The government should immediately stop such nonsense.

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