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Episode 4: Short Story

Brishty versus Britney

Published : Saturday, 2 December, 2017 at 12:00 AM Count : 321

(Continuation from November 11, 2017)
Brishty finishes cooking dinner and waits for her husband. She is thinking what would happen if she quits. She thinks about her mother who is a housewife. She saw her working day and night. Her mother-in-law used to give her tantrums. She silently listened. Her father never hit her mother physically but hit her verbally so many times. She was never appreciated for her labor nor was greeted nicely, she wasn't even allowed to step outside without her husband's permission and the worst part is -- she accepted it.
Silence is the best medicine. Tolerance is a great virtue. When Brishty was forced to get married against her will since she was not ready, no one stood for her. Not even her mother. Brishty conceived her first child when she had just reached eighteen. Her husband comes back home and demands for dinner. She serves it but her husband says is not warmed.
"I'm a busy man and all I ask for is nicely prepared food. Can't you do that?"
Brishty finally replies, "I'm a busy woman too. I work at both home and office and still manage to serve you food. But your so called masculinity will never understand it."
She cannot believe her own voice as she walks outside out of immense rage which she is feeling inside her.
Britney is at the terrace drinking wine looking at the moon. She is extremely tired. She feels disgusted since a while ago her husband forced her to have unprotected sex to "celebrate" her promotion. She told him that she was not feeling good; neither physically nor mentally but she could not stop him.
She goes to her kids' room. Her daughter asks, "Mum is this  our future? "No," says Britney, "Because I taught you when to say 'No' and stand up for yourself," says the mother.

The writer is a student of Notre Dame University Bangladesh

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