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Dream comes true with Shopno Dekho

Published : Thursday, 9 November, 2017 at 12:00 AM Count : 790

Dreams, often perceived by eyes as a gift, nowadays cost more than jewels. In such an era, Shopno Dekho tries to treasure dreams of the others.
The journey of Shopno Dekho was started in the hand of Zahir Iqbal Nannu who has been working for the social welfare organization since his teenage years. As a son of a freedom fighter and cultural organizer, Zahir Iqbal grew up listening to the stories of the liberation war. Therefore, he always felt deep love for the country and always wondered how to do something for the country and countrymen from his childhood.
Zahir Iqbal, as a college student, informally started providing free education to the street children in his college campus at his own accord in 2009. He shares, "Several youths from different colleges joined us. Along with studying the history of the war of liberation and organizing debate sessions among themselves, we went on with facilitating free education programmes for the street children and underprivileged children". Zahir adds, "That time we bought books and other educational materials with our hard earned money from tutoring."
Sometimes, sitting on grass, sometimes in the premises of the DC Park, sometimes at the college premises or open sky, they continued to spread dreams among the underprivileged children. Zahir says, "We received an unprecedented response from the society and number of students increased to 300 within a very short span of time. Many college students came forward to strengthen our unity which motivated us to dream big."
Finally, Shopno Dekho started functioning officially on March 28, 2013 in two small rooms of Khorki in Jessore. The members of Shopno Dekho initially agreed to carry the office rent and other expenses. Many youths who were with them at the beginning of the initiative stopped coming to the office seeing no future of the organization.
However, Zahir, Sanjida Yasmin Opi and Afroza Khatun Bakul remained steadfast in their dreams. They started working hard to fulfil the dreams of Shopno Dekho. They began to work on a large scale for the deprived children of Jessore district. Gradually, their span of work continues to grow. Currently, it has 59 regular members who are working as volunteers of the organization.
So far, they have conducted quite a few humanitarian projects, in addition to supporting 21 physically-challenged children and organizing debate competitions in 87 educational institutions.
Now, it undertakes and executes various programmes under 11 sectors namely - Shopno Dekho School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center, Computer Projonmo Bivag, Muktijuddho Janar Juddho, Shopno Dakho Gano-Pathagar, Samaj-seba Unnayan Bivag, Abacus Computer and Training Center, Shopnobuni Handicrafts, Khadyo o Krishi Bivag, Jonakir Mela Pathshala, and Michael Modhusudan Debate Federation for the development of helpless, disabled, women, children, and youth.
Shopno Dekho has its own library namely Shopno Dakho Gano-Pathagar with a collection of more than 1200 books through which they are spreading the light of knowledge to the local students for their intellectual development. Inspired by the spirit of the war of liberation, they have made their first move of organizing Muktijuddho Janar Juddho to promote the real history of the war of liberation directly from the mouth of the freedom fighters.
The Samaj-seba Unnayan Bivag of Shopno Dekho is working for the development of society on a broader aspect. The organization's volunteers have been working relentlessly to distribute winter clothes, education materials, basic education while conducting drawing training, recitation training, relief camps, campaign on health and sanitation in disaster prone areas for the underprivileged women and children.
Besides, its regular social welfare activities, Shopno Dekho also works for the development of nature and environment. The members of the organization have been organizing various activities including tree plantation programme, fisheries release, and cleanliness drive under garbage recycling project taken by the organization.
Therefore, the organization's volunteers conduct various activities including initiating literary chat, celebrating different national and international days, organizing creative competitions, conducting information surveys for student as well as community development.
Shopno Dekho had to go through many obstacles in their journey. The team know that the path to succeeding is not straight so they continued to work relentlessly to implement their dream project. Moreover, they gained the ultimate social recognition: The Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017. For the team, this acknowledgement is an inspiration to achieve greater things.

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